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Flower Subscriptions

Providing Everything You Need


Pubs and Restaurants

Add a touch of natural beauty to your restaurant or pub with our exquisite flower and plants. Our arrangements range from the simple to the vibrant and will create a welcoming atmosphere that keeps customers coming back of more. Little details such as fresh flowers say volumes about the care you put into your customer experience.

We can provide single vases and plants across multiple tables and if you want additional installations, for example behind the bar or for special events please just ask.

Flowers and plants for Offices

Plants and flowers in an office or corporate environment not creates a beautiful and more welcoming and healthy space but one that contributes to productivity, creativity and overall well-being. Our plants and flowers can also provide natural dressing for waiting areas for customers or clients. Flowers can brighten up any space and our florist has years of experience crafting bouquets and arrangements for every occasion particularly in you are planning a special corporate event. We can organise table arrangements, display flowers and/ or office plants. We will arrange a special consultation to ensure we meet your needs perfectly. We can also arrange employee gifting.


Hotel, AirBnB or Care Home

Whether you are a Hotel or an AirBnB we can arrange a package to suit your needs, as flesh flowers provide the perfect welcome to your lobby or place. 

For AirBnB we can arrange delivery and installation for new guests as part of our service. 

We also have experience in providing packages for care homes on regular repeat subscriptions. For example, we have had a successful repeat subscription with a local care home for the past two years on a bi-weekly basis.

What ever your requirement arrange to discuss them with us or we will visit and arrange a quote and ensure your package is matched to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up a weekly, bi-weekly delivery date or a different frequency?

Yes, we provide flexible services- weekly, fortnightly or monthly and or can be responsive to dates given e.g. for AirBnB new visitors.

Can I rent the vase/s?

Vase hire and delivery to local addresses is included but you can provide your own existing vases should you wish.

How do I pay?

There is an initial set up fee that includes the site visit but once a package is agreed you will be invoiced monthly.

I would like to set up a package. What should I do?

Contact us directly on our phone number 01305 265948 and we will work with you to ensure we provide a perfect match to your needs.

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